HOSTS 2018



Liliana Algorry | The Tea Atelier

Discovering The Art of Tea Blending Workshop

I am a certified tea sommelier and blender, and the founder of The Tea Atelier, a company that specialises in tea training, tasting, sensory evaluation, food pairing, blending and high-end teas. I have been tied up with tea since childhood and my passion is to share tea culture in a contemporary way through educational activities, such as teaching in colleges and hosting workshops.


David Lyons | 18ThirtyFour

Tea Essentials Talk

With more than 21 years experience in the tea industry, and as Australia's member of the China International Tea Culture Institute, I have a great deal of tea knowledge and passion to share. Presently I’m the owner of 18ThirtyFour, a tea education and consultancy business, and also a founding director of not-for-profit organisation AUSTCS.


Paul Thompson | The Artisan Cheese Room

Tea & Cheese Pairing Workshop

A cheese obsessive and affineur, I have worked and trained with cheese for more than five years. As co-founder of The Artisan Cheese Room, I select, sell and mature farmhouse cheeses from across Europe, while passionately showcasing amazing handmade cheeses from across Australia. I enjoy exploring and demonstrating the delights of the tasting experience.


Anthia Koullouros | Ovvio Tea

Tea Blending for Wellness Workshop

As a naturopath, organic food, health and lifestyle educator, author, and founder of Ovvio Tea, I have spent more than 20 years researching and learning about holistic health and herbal medicine. My premium organic tea range is created with the finest flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and twigs, blended together with love and respect for humankind, flora and fauna. O' healing the world one cup of tea at a time.


Ryan Gavin | Rockpool Dining Group

Tea Cocktails Workshop

Starting out in the great pubs and cocktail bars of London, my passion for cocktails and spirits have taken me worldwide, including a stint studying the art of small-batch tequila making at Hacienda Patrón. As national bar manager for Rockpool Dining Group, I get to exercise my passion for creativity by developing and maintaining an innovative cocktail program across the Group’s premium restaurants and bars.

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Fatema Khanbhai | The Chai Room

Blend Your Own Chai Workshop

As founder of The Chai Room, my passion for chai began at an early age and was my source of connection to family. When I started my own family, I knew it was the drink that was fundamental to my Indian and British upbringing, and that it would reconnect me with myself, my values and ultimately with Australia. Through The Chai Room I offer premium, handcrafted and organic chai to passionate tea lovers! Our chai is nourishing and nutritious, for both the mind and the body.

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Ueda Sōko Ryū Australia

Uncovering The Tea Ceremony Workshop

The Ueda Sōko Tradition of Japanese Tea Ceremony follows the fundamental teachings of Ueda Sōko and Furuta Oribe. Our Australian branch is not interested in artificially transplanting chanoyu (the Way of Tea) into a foreign land. We strive to create the moral and aesthetic beauty of chanoyu relevant to our time and place. Regular practice is held at locations in Sydney, Melbourne and online. We also conduct tea gatherings and workshops, and explore the possibilities of the Japanese Tea Ceremony as both old and new art around the country.

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Cathy Zhang | Ms.Cattea

Wuyi Mountain Chinese Tea Masterclass

I have been brewing with passion and zest for the tea industry since 2002. I seek to expand tea culture in Australia by offering authentic and exciting tea experiences for tea lovers. I have a degree in Tea Science and my expertise in tea tasting, as well as the creation of my own teahouse in China, has led me to establish my own premium tea brand, Ms.Cattea.

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Matthew Tran | Tea Angle

Tea Brewing Masterclass

My goal is to help modernise the image and perception of Chinese tea and show that even without the formal or traditional ceremonies, the world of Chinese tea is a deep and fascinating place to explore, with a countless array of flavours and experiences to appreciate. Combining my love for design and tea, together with my partner Dawn, we started Tea Angle in 2015 as our way of introducing this world to the tea lovers of Australia. We travel to tea estates in pristine regions across rural China, meeting and learning from different farmers, artisan producers, and tea experts, and bring back this knowledge to share.

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Harumi Oshitani | Okei-san

Japanese Green Tea Masterclass

I'm a certified Japanese tea instructor as well as a qualified tea education instructor who is based in Melbourne. One of my passions is to share my knowledge and experience with local people and introduce good quality Japanese teas in Australia. I also serve as a Japan Tea goodwill ambassador to Australia.

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Tania Stacey | Cuppa Cha 

Taiwanese Oolong Tea Masterclass

My specialty and passion is Taiwanese teas, as the spectrum of aromas and flavours captured my interest early in my tea studies. I regularly travel to Asia to immerse myself in the tea world and to study tea cultivars and processes. I am the current winner of the World Tea Brewers Cup competition in Australia and this year competed (and came fourth) at the World Tea Brewers Cup Championship in Shanghai, China, by brewing a combination of a rare yellow Chinese tea and a Taiwanese oolong. In Australia, I regularly host tea gatherings and work with other tea professionals to support the Addicts and Lovers of Tea with the Cuppa Cha Tea Knowledge YouTube channel.